Offered Services

 Entrepreneurship training
Entrepreneurship training

1. Education & Trainings for Entrepreneurship

We deliver trainings on all issues needed for “solar entrepreneurship” with regard to basic knowledge on photovoltaic, repair and maintenance of small solar systems, and basics on how to run a small business. We develop learning materials for trainers and trainees.


2. Technology Development & Consulting
We test equipment & systems for the use of solar energy with regard to efficiency, safety & sustainability and investigate corresponding improvement potentials. We consult companies producing respective equipment with regard to technical, market and customer-related questions.


3. Project Management
We proof project concepts, monitor running projects and consult involved stakeholders. We coach project leaders and integrate them within a network in which experiences are shared.

4. Productive Use of Energy
We develop applicable business models to use solar energy to support small businesses as e.g. services, manufacturing and farming.


We link universities, companies and other institutions from North and South to transact these activities.

Solar energy - bringing light and delight (photo: Solar Age Namibia Ltd.)
Solar energy - bringing light and delight (photo: Solar Age Namibia Ltd.)

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