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Our objective is to manage the institute as an interdisciplinary center for applied research and project development aimed at improved electrification in remote rural areas. Based on a multi-stakeholder approach, we strive for a broad and intense cooperation with numerous partners. As well as local institutions in the target countries, this may also include companies, universities, associations, aid organizations and NGOs within a global context.


The institute was established in spring 2012 to build an organizational platform for off-grid electrification projects and for the related educational activities on local levels. With the help of an organizational body, we will be able to bundle the know-how of experts and to coordinate their activities within a broad project umbrella and in a very effective way. Scaling up activities is of great importance to meet the requirements of the respective United Nations initiative entitled "Min-Electricity Access Program".

Solar energy - bringing light and delight (photo: Solar Age Namibia Ltd.)
Solar energy - bringing light and delight (photo: Solar Age Namibia Ltd.)

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