Our Principles

  1. Multi-Stakeholder Approach: Close collaboration with universities, companies, local authorities, aid organizations, NGOs and other interested stakeholders 
  2. Education: Integration of training programs within local universities based on a 'train the trainer' scheme
  3. Electrification: Restriction of electricity sources to renewable energies with focus on solar energy
  4. Entrepreneurship: Help for self-help through training and coaching of local entrepreneurs to bring solar energy to remote areas
  5. Sustainability: No commercial training of entrepreneurs without teaching how to maintain and repair solar systems
  6. Business Infrastructure: Import, warehousing and wholeselling of solar systems etc. in participation with local companies or managers
  7. Working Capital for Entrepreneurs: Supply of starting entrepreneurs not with money but with working tools and sales material.
  8. Business Growth: Training of entrepreneurs to invest the sales margins of their activities in a growing equipment with sales material and after this to by their material direct from the wholeseller. 
  9. Market Development: Avoidance of any kind of market destruction or manipulation which e.g. could happen by product subsidies or by preferential promotion of products independent from price-quality aspects
  10. Product Competition: Ensuring state of the art product supply by integrating several import organization and a product variety of at least three producers 
  11. Quality Assurance: Careful and regular evaluation of project concepts and performance as well as of their economic and social impacts
  12. Project Duration: Timely restriction of single projects
  13. Ethical Compliance: No profit skimming out of publicly financed projects beyond declared fees for worked days or hours
  14. Overall Guideline: Orientation of all activities towards the objectives and principles of the United Nation's Program "Min-Electricity Access" (Min-E Access) of the UN Division of Sustainable Development
Solar energy - bringing light and delight (photo: Solar Age Namibia Ltd.)
Solar energy - bringing light and delight (photo: Solar Age Namibia Ltd.)

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