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The institute‘s objective is to support the sustainable economic and social development of less developed rural areas especially in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Based on the principle of help for self-help, multinational and interdisciplinary projects will be initiated, carried out or coordinated and last but not least, evaluated to support decentral electrification.

We aim to introduce off-grid solar systems as a cheap, safe and environmentally friendly alternative to the use of fossil energies. Based on this, the institute understands rural electrification as a way to improve family life, to deliver options for new kinds of power application, to offer additional job opportunities and finally to increase skill levels of involved people.



The Min-E Access Program of the United Nations


Our mission directly refers to the concept and spirit of the program "Min-Electricity Access" initiated by the Division for Sustainable Development of the United Nations in February 2012.


id-eee has been installed as organizational platform to bring together partners and stakeholders sharing the objectives of this UN program. A common project umbrella shall help to coordinate activities, to exchange experiences and expertise as well as to ensure quality management in line with the guidelines of donor partners.

Min-E Access Program
UNO Letter to Potential Partners Min E A
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The triple E approach:

  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Electrification

Teaching trainees how to operate and repair small pv-systems and how to set-up a small business.


Coaching young entrepreneurs during the start-up phase and helping them to raise the seed money.


Informing local customers how to use electricity for family life as well as for work and business.

Solar energy - bringing light and delight (photo: Solar Age Namibia Ltd.)
Solar energy - bringing light and delight (photo: Solar Age Namibia Ltd.)

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